The Best Entertainment in Dentistry

Probably the most unique quality of this dental practice is its use of visual entertainment to enhance your dental visit. From the on-site movie theater, the KidsLoft, or the “over-the-chair” personal entertainment system, our patients have several options and opportunities to distract them from the anxiety of the dreaded “dental visit”.

Kids Sky Bridge Game Room

In our newly built League City office, our second floor has been dedicated to our younger patients. Our large comfortable kids lounge has couches, a theater room with an 82” projection screen TV, and a Gamecube system played on a 42″ screen. This space is ideal for our younger visitors who prefer not to sit in the ‘Adult” reception room while waiting for their cleaning or doing homework. Family scheduling is made much less stressful when children can be made comfortable (or distracted) while waiting for their turn.

In our Texas City office, kids can enjoy playing on the old school arcade or Gamecube system or just relax on the couch and watch TV.

Movie Theater

Our League City office is probably the first dental office in America that has an actual Cinema. Our version of the silver screen is a high definition display that can be viewed from authentic movie theater seats. They are arranged in a stadium-seating configuration in a comfortable, custom-designed viewing room. A large list of movie titles is available to be viewed at any time. This is great for families that come in together and for the mom who has to drag the whole crew in for little Johnny’s dental appointment.

Dr. Patterson chose to design the office with this unique feature because he has found that one of the most difficult dilemmas facing a family when scheduling for dental visits is “What to do with the rest of the family”. He hopes that this concept will help the family member ‘in-charge’ manage the entire family’s dental visits with ease and efficiency. He also hopes that all of our patients will find that the movie theater setting brings a relaxing break-from-reality!

Over The Chair Entertainment System

Designed by Dr. Patterson, this unique technology has been our patients’ favorite for nearly four years. This first-of-its-kind system incorporates DVD/VHS, cable and satellite television, an intra-oral camera, a dental education system, and home video gaming with wireless controller – all viewed on a crystal-clear, flat-screen display positioned at a perfect viewing angle for the patient while laying back in the dental chair. The overall design gives the patient a comfort level never experienced before in a dental chair.

Some of our first-time patients do not think that this feature will be useful to them during their visit, but most are quite surprised by the comfort and normalcy that was gained by the use of this visual distraction. We can absolutely say that this technology has a profound impact on the perception of our patients’ dental visit here in our office compared to other dental experiences.

The most striking comments we hear from our patients is that the kids ENJOY coming to their regular dental visits. And if they need dental work, they can be convinced much easier if they are reminded of the “NEAT” things that we have at THEIR dental office. We get quite a few new patient referrals based on the “playground-bragging-rights” of our young patients’ dental office! Even more striking is the ADULTS’ reaction to their dental experience. We give our patients a long list of reasons to brag about THEIR dental office. The personal treatment and level of comfort felt during the dental experience is the utmost importance of our team.

We are convinced that if you hate going to the dental office, we can, in one visit, significantly change your perception of the whole dental experience.