Moms and Dads (and even grandparents) … The following information is vital to your little one’s positive dental visit with us. We are experts on handling your child in our dental office. Kids are Kids! In most cases, children act and react the same regardless of how special, unique, intelligent or spoiled they are. It is in the best interest for all involved to let us try it our way first. Here is a scenario that is very typical and that NEVER works (usually the result of the parent’s nervousness picked up by the child): Mom (and sometimes Dad or Grandma) picks up the child and walks back to the exam room. The parent draws immediate attention to the dental chair. The child naturally does not want to sit in this strange machine. Mom tries to pry the child out of her arms and into the chair—never any luck. Then comes the ‘How about sitting in my lap while I sit in the chair?’ bargain. Now this is how it usually plays out… the kid has already started to whine some and he or she has a death grip on the grown-up. In this position, the child’s face is buried in Mom’s bosom. I have not found a malpractice insurance that allows me to perform exams on children in this position (or a dad that would allow it for that matter) so you see that this approach usually ends up a non-starter.

There are many ways to perform an exam on a child patient and make it an easy, comfortable and enjoyable experience for that child …. Just please let us try our way first. If I think your participation will make the visit better, I will not hesitate to ask. Oftentimes moms and dads can help a great deal. But leave that decision to me, please. I’d rather have a friendly relationship with your child than worrying if I hurt your feelings. Remember, your child’s health depends on many things. One of them is a trusting relationship with the dentist. It is much different than with other types of doctors. Having and keeping healthy teeth is a personal choice and a lifelong commitment. Even at a young age, what a kid thinks of his or her dentist can have a profound effect on their overall dental health. Please do not let your relationship with your dentist affect the relationship I am trying to build with your wonderful child.