Crown & Bridges

When a tooth is in need of repair and there is little good tooth left, or if the tooth has deep cracks or has a root canal, you may need a crown.  A crown (sometimes called a Cap) is a restoration that covers the portion of the tooth above the gums.  It can be made out of metal, porcelain or a mix of the two.  A crown may be recommended to help protect the tooth from further breakdown, keep cracks from spreading, or reshape the tooth for cosmetic reasons.  In our office we use many different types of materials depending on the patient's needs and cosmetic desires.  Our most popular material is the all-porcelain crown that we design and fabricate in about one hour.  See One-Visit Porcelain Restorations for more details.

If you have a missing tooth (or a few teeth in a row), and there are good stable teeth on either side of the space, then you are a candidate for a Bridge. A ‘Bridge’ or fixed prosthodontic restoration is basically two crowns attached to each other with another full crown.  This middle crown is not hollow; it is a solid piece with a smooth underbelly that is easy to clean with floss.  It bridges the gap between the two teeth.  Bridges are currently the most natural looking restorations available today.  A bridge is cemented in like a regular crown and it does not come off.  It is not to be mistaken with ‘bridges’ that do come off - these are called partial dentures, or just "partials".