Implants are quickly becoming a standard procedure in dentistry.  Implants have been around for decades.  In the past, they were not well understood by many dentists, and due to the higher expense, patients chose more economical means of dentistry that the dentist was well practiced in.  Now, dental implants are considered by many dental professionals as a first choice option that is more conservative than the “standard” choices we as dentists have made for so many years.  Fortunately, costs have come down considerably over the years to make it very competitive with conventional treatments.  For example, if you want to replace a single tooth, say your lower right first molar, the cost of an implant and a crown to replace this tooth is approximately the same as a 3-unit conventional bridge that would be required to replace the same tooth.    There are also implant procedures that allow us to build back an entire arch of teeth and have them permanently fixed into your mouth.  No more dentures floating in a cup on your nightstand!


Implants can also greatly benefit those of you who have all of your teeth missing.  One way they can benefit you is by providing anchors in your jaw for your dentures to attach to.  Just imagine, being able to “snap-in” your dentures and not worrying if they will fall out of your mouth at the worst time.

We provide an economical alternative to conventional implants to secure your denture without adhesive.  The use of MINI dental implants is a service that can take place in as little as 1 visit.  Small, narrow bodied titanium implants that look like an ordinary wood screw is placed in the bone with local anesthetic.  The "head" of this implant looks like a trailer hitch- that ball shaped extension that sticks out of the bumper of a truck that you hook a trailer to.  A housing with a rubber O-ring inside is fabricated into the underside of a denture. (In many cases, we can use your existing denture).  The denture attaches to the implant heads that are sticking out of the gums preventing the denture from floating up off of the jaw.  Maintenance is still the same with your denture.  That is,  it does need to come out at night- it is not permanently attached in your mouth.

Whether you need to replace one tooth or an entire mouth full, dental implants may be your best option.